Sunday, October 3, 2010

Runaway Creek Farm in Arundel, Quebec: Organic Farm

This past Sunday I knew we had to get the kids out of the house, and that a walk about was not going to cut it. It was a very sunny but cool day, and the fall colors were out in their full glory. I remembered Runaway Creek Farm in Arundel which is about 25 minutes away from us, and that I always wanted to bring my family to visit. Ideally we would bring a picnic and it would be warmer, but spontaneous outings are so rare with young children that we just decided to wing it. I had been to the farm in the spring 3 years ago with my infant daughter. I bought a vast array of certified organic plants for my vegetable garden.

The location itself is ridiculously beautiful and the owner is happy to have you walk round and explore. It is a wonderful place for a picnic and is a great destination for a day trip to the country. Bring a large cooler so that you can stock up on organic meat and safely get it home.

They do a booming business in Organic turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but you must order in advance: (819-687-3884).

Runaway Creek Farm is run by Michael Rossy and his wife Yasmin. Everything Runaway Creek Farm produces is organic. They sell meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, dried and fresh herbs, cheese, honey, coffee, eggs, mushrooms, edible flowers, chilies, and many different canned items such as: salsa, relish, chutney etc...

They deliver to your door as far a Montreal with an order of $80 or more. If you are planning a visit and want to buy eggs please bring an egg carton or 2 with you, as they are planning to dispense with egg cartons soon. They close January 5 until spring (May). They are open everyday from 10am until 5pm (call to verify before heading out).

Runaway Creek Farm's web site is under construction, but contact info is available at their site. They also have a Facebook page.

Really what a beautiful day!

Note: When I told my children that we were going to visit a farm and buy some food they said they didn't want food from a farm. I asked them where they wanted their food to come from, and my 3 year old said a restaurant. When I explained to my kids that all food comes from farms my 6 year old informed me that pizza doesn't come from a farm. This prompted me to break down all the ingredients that often make up a pizza and explain why the various ingredients did indeed come from a farm and how they were transformed. I was surprised that this conversation was necessary with my 6 year old as I thought we had been over where food comes from many times. A farm visit was very necessary.

Runaway Creek Farm
5 Thompson Road, East,
Arundel, Quebec

On line article written by well known food critic Lesley Chesterman about Runaway Creek Farm.

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  1. Tiffany, as always your recipes are delicious and the pics mouth watering. Keep on keeping on!


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