Monday, March 30, 2009

The ever versatile genoise

To your left is a photo of the chocolate mousse cake I made for my daughter's birthday. The base is a genoise, the mousse is simply whipped cream with melted milk chocolate folded in and the middle layer is strawberries. I would like to make it again in summer when the strawberries are not so tasteless and spongy. It was pretty good none the less...

For Easter I am making a Lime Mousse Charlotte. The mousse of the cake will have a green hue and I think I will adorn the top of the Charlotte with some pastel colored eggs. I will be using leftover vanilla lady fingers from the last Charlotte I made. And I will be making a genoise, that I will slice in three layers to sandwich the mousse. I will brush a limoncello syrup over the 3 layers of genoise as I assemble them. The top layer will be chantilly cream (sweetened whipped cream).

Knowing how to make a genoise is important if you consider yourself a baker. Gourmet magazine's web site offers a video on how to make a light airy genoise so go to and check it out if you are interested. With the genoise you can make many different kinds of cakes. The Easter Charlotte doesn't exist yet... to my knowledge. I will write it out in plenty of time for Easter so bare with me. Right now I have a movie gig coming up. A restaurant scene with 70 diners so I am trying to come up with various courses that look elegant, can withstand sitting for several hours unrefrigerated and are easy to assemble. I better get to it!

Just to add to this post: I found a very good genoise recipe at and I posted the recipe itself in the my post titled Lime Mousse Charlotte. I think it will become my go to recipe from now on.

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