Friday, March 13, 2009

Making Martha's food: Chocolate coconut charlotte

I am attempting a Martha recipe for a family dinner tomorrow night. So far I have made several changes and its not even assembled yet. I could not find chocolate lady fingers so I went with vanilla which means that the cake will be changed to vanilla as well. I could have made the lady fingers myself, but there is only so much of my day that I am willing to commit to one dessert. I am also going to be using an 8 inch cake ring so I will lose some height but I will compensate with whipped cream. I am using the rum syrup that is brushed over the lady fingers and cake which means that my husband's dad will not eat it. So I have made a mini cake in a 3 inch round for him. It was little effort as I used some of the vanilla cake batter and made a chocolate glaze with left over chocolate. I will take pictures of it tomorrow. I also have a lovely fuchsia bow to tie around the cake. For the dinner itself I will be serving my simple prosciutto wrapped chicken thighs braised in chicken stock, a cauliflower and brussel sprout gratin, roast potatoes and Cesar salad. Its tricky cooking for my husband's family because there are 2 meat and potatoes guys, who will go unnamed, who will not eat outside the box and no they are not children!
Returning to the dessert: I just want to mention that I had a back up recipe in case I didn't have the time or the first when horribly wrong. Its a chocolate bundt cake with a chocolate glaze from the same issue of Martha Stewart Magazine. No assembly required. Its always a good idea to have a simpler backup recipe and have the ingredients on hand. Entertaining should be fun and not stressful. Having said that I always get a little stressed out when entertaining, but I am working on it.

For the original recipe click here Chocolate coconut charlotte.

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