Friday, June 19, 2009

BBQ TIME: volume 1

Pork tenderloin: Marinated overnight in olive oil, sliced garlic cloves, fresh lemon juice, cracked black pepper corns & chopped rosemary, oregano and savory from the garden. Mix all the ingredients together in a large Ziploc. Add tenderloins and force air out of bag. Refrigerate overnight. Remove from refrigerator 30 minutes before cooking. Salt the meat and color the tenderloin on hottest area of BBQ on all sides, then place tenderloins on indirect heat area of the BBQ until done. The internal temperature of the pork tenderloin should be between 150°F to 165°F . Firm to the touch with slight give. Let the loin rest for 5 minutes before cutting. 2 tenderloins feed about 5 adults.

I have devoted a lot of my posts to sweet things but desserts and pastries are not my forte (although I love a challenge). When I have found myself in professional kitchens I always gravitate towards the grilling station. When food styling I still have a tendency to do my best work with meat.

I love to BBQ generally and when at home I man the grill as well. My husband will do it if we are having hamburgers and sausages but he prefers that I take over for everything else especially his blue steak.

I do notice that when we have a party and I am at the grill, guys get a little confused. A girl manning or should I say womanning the grill throws off the dynamic when it comes to BBQ banter. It's not because they think I don't now what I am doing but because they do not know if they can come over to me, stand around watching and make comments all the while nursing a beer. BBQ banter always includes a bit of good natured ribbing of the one with the tongs. But I can take a joke so I implore my guests to come on over and make helpful suggestions. I will say that helpful suggestions go down more smoothly if a glass of wine is offered.

Lamb Shoulder

Lamb shoulder with mixed leaf salad and potato salad

BBQ 101:
(Sometimes obvious, sometimes not)
Commandments of the BBQ

  1. Don't squish the meat with your tongs.
  2. Don't turn or move the meat around constantly.
  3. Don't use the same plate for the cooked meat that you used for the raw meat.
  4. Learn doneness by feel or by meat thermometer.
  5. A hot dog is already cooked when you buy it so please just heat it up by lightly grilling it.
  6. Don't form hamburgers by compacting the meat too much or you will get a little tough ball as an end product.
  7. Yes, pork can be rose in the center.
  8. No chicken cannot, and sending your guest to the microwave to finish their poultry off is bad form.
  9. Only make brochettes if you must, and stick to meat brochettes or vegetable brochettes. If combined the vegetables will fall off or be way overcooked before the meat is done.
  10. Get drunk after you have cooked all that must be BBQ'd
  11. No the marinade cannot be frozen and used again after it has been used to marinate raw meat.
  12. Your meat should never ever be on fire.
  13. If you are trying to save a buck but want to throw a BBQ, have your guests bring everything but the meat. Having everyone take turns cooking their meal lends a certain refugee camp feel to a party.
  14. Construct your BBQ in a way that allows an indirect heat area so that you can finish things off without burning the outside to a crisp.
  15. Do not bring fish to a BBQ when one of the guest has a deadly allergy to fish (sorry Bob). All of which could have been avoided if number 13 have been followed.

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  1. Nice picture of Olivier stuffing his face. I'll gladly follow the commandments. Women at the grill unite!


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