Saturday, June 13, 2009

More about frozen treats and Mango popsicles

Just a quick update on Popsicle molds or should I say ice pops as the word Popsicle is patented. I did find four different types of "ice pop" molds made by Trudeau at a Stokes entrepot/retail outlet in Saint-Sauveur (Quebec, Canada). They were 12.99$ on sale. Stokes has 99 stores all across Canada.

I would also like to plug a lovely little kiosk called Les Pops in Jean-Talon Market (Montreal, Canada), that makes and sells ice pops in many flavors. The ingredients are all natural but be warned that many of them contain egg whites for those who are allergic. My 2 year old daughter tried mango and was quiet happy with the rather large ice pop as she devoured the whole thing. I asked for a business card and was told there were none but that I should go to their web site I found nothing on the web with that site address.

I will try and track down more information about this little place. With one person manning a large chest freezer full of ice pops and selling them at 3$ a pop (sorry) they seemed to be raking it in. Many children flow through the market and saying no to a child requesting a ice pop isn't really an option for most parents and so the place is rocking.

Jean-Talon Market in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Here is a really easy ice pop recipe:

Mango ice pops

3 ripe mangoes, peeled and in large chunks

2/3 cup mango juice (or in a pinch white grape juice or apple juice)

1/4 cup 35% cream

1 tbsp. lime juice

Throw all the ingredients into a blender and puree. It doesn't matter if there are chunks in this case because chunks of real fruit are welcome. Omit the cream if you must but it adds a certain something.

Yield: 3-3 1/2 cups

To measure your molds capacity just fill one with water and pour it out into a measuring cup.

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