Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bits and Bobs

Lots of work these last few weeks have left little or no time for blogging I am also gearing up for my daughter's birthday and Christmas. All the shopping I have been doing for work allows me to find cool food items for my daughter's birthday party which has a tea party theme. The color scheme...surprise surprise is pink & lavender. I have picked up some strawberry pink pocky sticks and some very pretty little blueberry meringues and am going to try and squeeze in a stop by Sugar Heaven for some jelly beans and m&m's in the colors mentioned. Sugar Heaven sells many different colors of m&m's that dispense from separate containers. Very Handy.

Up until the day in question I will treat my daughters party as an upcoming photo shoot but on the day I hope to be able to shed the anal tendencies that come with planning such things and be a more relaxed momma who doesn’t need everything to be perfect. In that vein I have asked a fellow food stylist to make a Tea pot cake and will be photographing said cake and providing contact information for the baker...who is really an artist. I cannot wait! I do hope to have time to make some tea pot cookies myself...

The Christmas Bazaar at my children’s school is also forcing me to get my act together a little earlier and I hope to have my tried and true gingerbread recipe up, as well as a simple truffle recipe with pics. Truffles can be made by anyone and baking skills are not required. What you really need is good quality chocolate and cocoa. The gingerbread recipe I use is very flavourful and spicy and the dough can be over manipulated by little warm hands and still turn out a good cookie! So that is that.

Sugar Heaven
705 St. Catherine Ouest
Eaton Center
Montreal, QC
H3B 4G5

tel: (514) 843 2005
fax: (514) 843 2001

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