Thursday, December 24, 2009

Little girl's Tea Party

Tea pot cake made by (Marie-Eve Girard located in Montreal)

My daughter who will be 3 next week is having a tea party birthday this Saturday. A few weeks ago she was sitting on the couch looking through my Living magazine when she spotted a photo of Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies. She came to me and asked me to make them for her. I asked her if she wanted them for her birthday and of course she said yes. It is certainely my pleasure to oblidge her request. Whenever asked what she wants to eat she has few answers in her repetoire: Macaroni and cheese, toast and a cookie pretty much sums it up. I, like my kids, love desserts containing peanut butter and with the ban on peanuts in schools and daycare we don't enjoy peanut based treats very often. Click here for the recipe link. The photos for this post are a little amateurish due to lack of time and my work schedule!

Cookies from Living magazine

Scones ready for oven

Also on the menu is mini scones which I will prep tomorrow as well as mini drumsticks because my daughter loves chicken, tea sandwiches of course, pocky sticks, little lavander meringues, pink jelly bellies, lilac smarties, fresh fruit, vegtables, dip and cheese...and maybe some little rolls.

Tea Bag Loot bags


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