Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Sugar Cookies with Blueberry Icing

The title says it all. The sugar cookie recipe is Martha's and the icing is mine. I used up the last of my vanilla sugar in the cookies and although the recipe already requires vanilla extract the extra vanilla only made them better. The icing was colored with blueberries. I heated a handful in the microwave and then passed them through a fine mesh sieve. I blended together icing sugar (250 ml / 1 cup), and cream (15 ml / 1 tablespoon) to get a stiff paste, and then added the blueberry juice a teaspoon at a time to obtain the color I wanted while taking care not to make the icing too loose. If the icing is still too stiff add a few drops more of the blueberry juice or cream (depending on what hue you want).

We applied the blueberry icing with toothpicks. It got a little crazy with the decorative elements, but I just let the kids go and then vacuumed. We used some crushed up all natural candy cane to decorate several so that my son could have a few. I keep meaning to order some all natural sprinkles! At this point I have until Christmas.

A little bit of spring...

My kids in the playground on Simon River &
some lovely crocuses peeping through

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