Thursday, September 29, 2011

Squash at Atwater Market

Here are a few pictures I took of squash while desperately looking for mache lettuce at 7:30 am for a photo shoot I was working on that day. I did not find any, but had as a precaution bought a mache mix the night before and we were able to find enough photogenic mache to get the shot.

These guys are enormous by the's hard to tell with no point of reference, but take my word for it you wouldn't be able to get one of these in you car with out at least 2 strong people helping out!

It has been an exhausting couple of months work wise. The pre-Christmas marketing frenzy makes fall and March (the pre-summer marketing frenzy) very busy times for food stylists. Summer brings films, but this summer I worked on a cooking show and was not able to work for the upcoming production of Snow White with Julia Roberts as much as I wanted to. I did end up making some crazy fake scotch pies for the movie that were intended for a castle kitchen scene. Who knows if they will be visible in the scene or even if the scene will stay in the movie, but I will feel compelled to go see the movie so I can try and spot them!

I have my own collection of ornamental squash growing in my garden this year. I forgot that I let several ornamental squash I had been decorating the house with last fall decompose in our vegetable garden with the intention of shoveling what was left into the compost in spring. I forgot about them and then noticed squash growing, and decided to leave them to see what it would give. I did not even have the heart to thin them out (something that has always made me a bad gardener), and the results are at least 4 kinds of squash all of them edible I suppose (but not recommended flavor wise). I vow that next spring I will plant edible pumpkins so that I can decorate and eat the yield. But I am pretty happy with this year's accidental results. The pumpkin is from Runaway Creek Farm. We went a few weeks ago and the children were able to enter the hen house and collect eggs that we then brought home.


  1. Wow how many varieties of pumpkin are there.Fotos are beautiful.Hope you din't forget to buy your salad;)

  2. I have not even tried to count the varieties! Thanks for your comments!


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