Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brownbagging it

I have not published a single post since school let out!  I have missed great natural lighting well into the evening, and fresh local produce that make food blogging a breeze.  I have in fact been far from home this summer, and with out childcare of any sort.  I wanted my kids to experience summers in the same manner as their mom so many summers ago.  We swim everyday, play board games, investigate under water wild life in a canoe, and occasionally watch a movie with a big bowl of buttered popcorn on the rare occasions when it is raining. I do not think that there exists a single item in our small borrowed cabin on the lake that does not have at least a few grains of sand on or in it.  

What we have been eating: Fresh corn rolled in butter, sliced summer tomatoes drizzled with olive oil with shavings of fresh garlic, grilled marinated zucchini, Lac St-Jean blueberries, and most surprisingly: lots of curry dishes! We are presently heading into my favorite time of year: Autumn!  Fall is a bountiful time of year at  farmer's markets, and is usually a busy time for me work-wise. 

School Lunches
My youngest child is starting school in less than 2 weeks, and a new predicament presents itself.  My son is pretty easy to please, but I will now be packing a lunch for my fussy eater. A child cannot live on ham alone so I have a few creative challenges ahead.  I hope to document my attempts to please on Facebook, and eventually here when I have enough.

My favorite food blogging site is on Facebook and if you take a look at photos you will see many many different lunch ideas.  Onehungrymama's latest post tackles school lunch boxes and containers, and is relevant to pretty much anyone who packs a lunch (kid or otherwise)!  I do have to add my all time favorite food containers: LunchBots. Food grade stainless steal containers that have stood up to 3 years of heavy use and abuse by my son. 

I also am a big fan of L.L.Bean's lunch boxes.  Both my kids have them.  They have many pros including durability and stain resistance. One site I perused stated that L.L.Bean's flip top lunchboxes kept food coolest the longest, but I cannot find any evidence to back up this claim anywhere else on the web including lunch box review which the site claims to refer to?  However L.L.Bean insulated lunch boxes fair no worse than other high quality insulated lunch boxes on the market, and like most other lunch boxes they require a freezer pack to keep food cool.

Interesting info to keep in mind when packing kids lunchboxes:

Note:  I have not been paid to endorse any products appearing in this blog.  I also have not received free products as an incentive to indorse products.  I have no relation to L.L.Bean in anyway, but would be happy to stop paying duties on my orders! 

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