Thursday, June 19, 2014

Montreal Steak Seasoning Recipe

Steak seasoning was a staple in the kitchen of my childhood.  However I became wary of preservatives and mystery ingredients as a young adult, and have never used steak spice in my own kitchen.  Recently I was given a mortar and pestle (pretty much the only kitchen tool I was missing), and have been twitching to grind my own spices and prepare various rubs and seasonings. 

I make  my own curry powder when I have time (preferably Jamaican curry powder). I use cumin seeds frequently and have been grinding seeds from a high quality pricey batch I bought at a health food store, a la minute, when I need it.  Yesterday I ground and mixed up a batch of Montreal Steak Seasoning for a recipe that called for it.  Here is a link to the Montreal Steak Seasoning recipe. Why Montreal steak spice and not just steak spice?  Well I consider myself a Montrealer, and quite frankly Montrealers do it better! Just ask Fairmout bagel.

I especially, and with irony, recommend this seasoning to vegans and vegetarians.  Montreal steak spice works well with grilled tofu, tempeh and vegetables (particularly portobella mushrooms).  It also livens up veggie burgers.  Many of us did not start out as vegetarians and this spice's flavor is reminiscent of a certain meatiness without the actual meat.

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