Monday, March 16, 2009

Economic Downturn lunch: more soup!

With the braising liquid from my chicken of the weekend I just whipped myself up a quick lunch. I strained the refrigerated braising liquid (about 3 cups) to remove fat. I tasted the broth because it can be quiet concentrated and therefore too salty, which mine was, so I added some spring water (about 1 cup). I then threw it in a pot and brought the broth to boil. I added three slim slices of ginger, unpeeled, and Chinese egg noodles (100g). When the noodles were done (follow instructions for cooking times), I added thinly sliced celery, green onion and left over braised chicken. If I had some coriander or basil I would have happily put them in to. There is enough to feed 4 people with what I have made.

I am very skeptical of the economic downturn inspired 1 chicken for 4 different meals that feed 4. I have seen this idea and its recipes everywhere! On television, in magazines and in my local paper, and although the recipes look great I wonder how I would feed my family what would arguably be a quarter chicken several nights in a row. Especially considering the appetite of my 6 foot 3 hardworking husband. I think I can squeeze 3 meals out of one chicken and that's with small children who do not each much. The 4th or 5th meal! in some cases includes without fail chicken stock for a soup based meal. I cannot argue with that one. Save those chicken bones! Save those pans juices! Refrigerate overnight and then strain them and you have liquid gold. Soups or sauces always do better with real stock. You can also cook grains like rice using the juices you have collected.

Here is a site to go to for economic downturn grocery shopping advice: Its pretty much what foodies and chefs do anyways...check it out.

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