Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pizza dough recipe and remembering good take-out

Tonight I made pizza. My kids are getting old enough and sleeping through the night often enough for me to find the energy and return to making my own pizza dough. I have faithfully used the Joy of cooking's version because it works well, tastes right and looks good. I have used it countless times at work when food styling, and even adapted it by using spelt flour for a health food store. I am not a fan of whole wheat or spelt pizza dough myself but it has it's fans and so I leave them to it. I don't think I could have handled eating a frozen store bought rising crust pizza for very much longer. Soooo much sodium and the meat is always a little suspect. If you have a good pizzeria near you that delivers then by all means just order pizza! I would if I could but I live in the sticks and we can have rotisserie chicken delivered quickly and at almost anytime of the day or night but my husband is not a fan (the fries are awful), and how many times can you order chicken anyways? The answer to that one is a lot in the first year of my second child's life.

When we lived in Verdun we were a short walk a way from a very authentic and cheap Thai place (now closed). The chef was from Bangkok and was obviously proud of his restaurant and the quality of the food. I miss Mexican and Indian to. Andes on St-Laurent (in Montreal) near the corner of Mount-Royal had the best tamales. Friends sent us to Malhi Sweets on Jarry (in Montreal) for some of the best Korma we have ever tasted. I also wish for a sushi restaurant that doesn't think cream cheese is a wonderful addition to a roll. You cannot have everything. We live in nature and enjoy the fresh air and a water view daily but we have a very poor selection of takeout. This weekend we may take our kids to the Saint-Patrick's day parade in town and if so we are going for dinner! Oh the excitement.

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