Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Praise for Joy of cooking

I am presently making blueberry muffins from a recipe in the Joy of cooking. The Joy of cooking is pretty much the book I go to for baking and classic French cuisine although it offers much more. It has everything I need for when I actually want to make something and not just be entertained by food photography. Its not a sexy recipe book and its certainly no Delicious magazine. The illustrations are small and in black and white but it gets the job done. When I have been contracted for recipe development, I collect and go through all my favorite magazines. I visually absorb the pictures and am inspired by the ingredients. But if I want to make Hushpuppies like the ones I used to make at La Louisiane then I turn to Joy of cooking. I bought it once as a present for a friend and she happened to open the book randomly at a recipe for squirrel. I had to convince her after that that it was an indispensable recipe book, and that when I said it had everything I meant it. I have no future plans to prepare squirrel myself but if I did...

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