Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer goodness

Summer has arrived. I am choosing to forget the whole messy month of July. I assume the cold damp days of July contributed in some small way to my little guy's lung infection. Happily, in the last few days, my son has been quiet a bit better. So much so that he has had a few time outs.

This past Friday, with my kids in tow, I stopped by my local fresh produce stand and picked up a little bit of everything for the weekend. I am working on a rather large Food Styling contract this weekend but I still have to eat and so does my family. I had originally proposed pizza for this past Friday, but I just couldn't go through with it and opted for a fresh seasonal dinner instead.

Part of last nights dinner was a fresh tomato salad. The tomatoes were so lovely I could not bear to cut them. Luckily there small size allowed me get a way with it.

Tomato, Bocconicini and Basil salad

4 cups Fresh cherry tomatoes and baby plum tomatoes of varying colors (if possible), rinsed and dried
4 Bocconcini cheese (50 g / 2 oz ), drained and cut into 8 wedges
60 ml / 1/4 cup of fresh basil
1 large Clove of garlic
3 T / 45 ml Extra virgin olive oil or for a change Avocado oil
Salt and freshly ground pepper
3 T / 45 ml Freshly grated Romano cheese
Several basil leaves for garnish

Place the tomatoes in a bowl with cheese wedges and set aside.

On a cutting board turn the basil and garlic into a pulp with your knife, add olive oil to this and mix together with knife. Take this pesto of sorts and add it to tomatoes and cheese & toss to coat. Season to taste, and then just before serving toss with Romano cheese. Serve with basil.

I often, during summer, make my own pesto right on my board by using my knife to render a rough paste. It can be used on meats and pretty much any vegetable, grain or pasta can be tossed in it.

Serve this salad with grilled meat or fish & steamed jasmine rice and you have a quick and delicious meal.

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