Monday, September 14, 2009

Fake Croquembouche

Another 2 weeks whiz by and here is a post without the promised Lunch box ideas. I have only been home for 2 days and have been spending time with kids and cleaning. I will however share some photos of a piece montee I made.

The caramel is fake, but the profiteroles are real. It took time and effort and I think the fumes from the tinted glue gun glue may have taken some brain cells, but it's all in the name of art, and it was worth it! If anyone needs a fake croquembouche with realistic caramel that won't melt no matter how many days it lingers on set...I am your girl.

This is the 1/3 eaten croquembouche and below is the demolished croquembouche. They were all used in the film I worked on. I wish I could present them in a more elegant setting but time was of the essence and I had to get them to their final destination...No props for my props!

Here is a definition provided by Wikipedia:

A croquembouche or croquenbouche is a French dessert, a kind of pièce montée often served at weddings, baptisms, and first communions. It is a high cone of profiteroles (choux filled with pastry cream) bound with caramel, and usually decorated with threads of caramel, sugared almonds, chocolate, flowers, or ribbons.

The name comes from the French words 'Croque en bouche' meaning 'crunch in the mouth'.

The choux buns can also be made with savoury fillings.

Alternative spellings include croquenbouche and croquebouche.

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