Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Food Stylist has left the building (until next week)

Lesson learned. I will have several blogs prepared in advance next year for the fall season of food styling madness. Last year I had a toddler and wasn't working much and forgot about the fall frenzy. I wish I could take pics on set and show them here, but I am not supposed to. Although the extras are taking pics constantly with their phones and texting all the time. Things are going well but I barely see the kids so blogging is on hold until next Friday when I will be able to rest?! Please check back here next Friday afternoon for a new post.

The picture above was taken by me in spring when I was developping some recipes for a contract. You may recognize the vibrant orange of butternut squash. It is squash season right now and I urge you to insert squash, in some form, into almost any dish (maybe not cereal). Especially roasted squash which, believe it or not, is a great garnish for things like pasta and pizza.

My littlest squash last year not enjoying her costume.

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